Jen & Jeff

It is a large task to trust someone with your wedding photos, and I cannot say enough about how Alison and her husband Geoff are worthy of that trust. They recently shot my destination wedding in New Orleans, and they made the entire photography process full of grace and ease. I have always been the type to get nervous in front of a camera, but Alison gives just enough direction to let you be your natural self so she can capture the light that we all carry naturally. Most of all, she encourages love in the photos, which is a great respite to all the logistics that are floating around your head during your wedding weekend. My time with her helped center me, refocus me on my husband and the commitment I was making, and it seemed to slow down time. I would say this is the greatest beauty of Alison's work - in a rushed day that can fly by like a whirlwind, her photography asks you to pause, make eye contact with those you love, take the whole experience in, and breathe. She is everything you would want on your wedding day -- an encouraging smile, a complementary support, and an artist who sees the beauty in the fullness of the scene. Never for one second did I wonder if she was missing a moment, as she literally clicks away for hours -- so much so that we asked everyone to put away their cameras and phones during the ceremony so they could be fully present with us. I can't tell you what a gift that is during your ceremony -- to have your loved ones fully "with" you (not distracted by technology) and trusting Alison to create her magic. So many people thanked me for requesting no other pictures but hers, as it freed them up to take it all in. She is patient (as I was definitely running behind on time), and creates beautiful work in minutes. Literally - she had a few highlight photos to me the next day. After our wedding, we did a second line parade down the street, while Alison walked backward down cobblestone, as did her husband Geoff carrying this enormous stadium light with him to light up the way - this is the kind of effort they go to for you. They let you feel cinematic in all the right ways, and they are champions of love. Look no further. You will not be disappointed.

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