Stevey - Summer plans? Spending time outside with my 2yo and 3mo boys!  05.26.14, 9:09am
Brooklynn Eddington - We are finally going on our first cruise and moving to Ohio all on the same week as my daughter's first birthday!  05.24.14, 1:27pm
Priya Mhatre - Happy birthday! Our favorite plans for the summer will be to spend lots of time playing outside after the long cold winter!  05.24.14, 12:24pm
Alyson Grandieri - Happy Birthday Alison! I hope you have a great memorial day weekend with your family! We can't wait to share our first summer with our newest addition Payton and have our second wedding anniversary!  05.23.14, 6:33pm
Caryn - We currently live in San Francisco, but our plan for the summer is to buy a house outside of the city so our almost 9 month old boy has a big backyard to play in. A pair of freshly picked moccasins would be perfect for him to run around in! p.s. Your photos are beautiful!  05.23.14, 2:37pm
Kate M. - Happy Birthday! I think my favorite plan will be my little guy's first birthday in July. I hate that he's getting older, but if he has to, I might as well let him have cake!  05.23.14, 2:00pm
Amy - I am expecting twins at the end of summer and can't wait to buy them their own moccasins! Until they arrive, I will be enjoying every second with my 22 month old!  05.23.14, 1:11pm
Kathy E - Hiking, eating watermelon, and going swimming!  05.23.14, 9:44am
Lexy - I plan to spend the summer enjoying every last moment of my toddlers babyhood and really just soaking up this time with them before BabyJ arrives in July!  05.23.14, 9:12am
erin - Love these mocs! Looking forward to lots of sunny days, yummy BBQs and running around with the lil ones!  05.23.14, 8:28am
Roseanne - Happy Birthday to you!! Wishing you a happy and healthy year ahead!! This summer I'm throwing myself into wedding details for my daughter 's wedding. I'm also babysitting every Wednesday for my grandson! Do they make those adorable moccs for boys (age 2 years)?  05.22.14, 8:45pm
Kara G - BBQ's and the beach!  05.22.14, 3:49pm
Andrea Richisona - I have no big plans for the summer but I am excited to spend lots of time with my family! My husband is a fire fighter and in the honor guard for his deparment. One of their duties is to march in parades so my 16 month old daughter, Clara and I are going to watch him march in several local parades, including the Memorial Day one this coming Monday :)  05.22.14, 3:40pm
Brooke Thomas - adorable pictures!! our plans are to live at the pool all summer!  05.22.14, 3:04pm
Megan - I love freshly picked moccs!! I'm excited to take my baby girl to the beach this summer!  05.22.14, 11:22am
Becca bond - I can't wait to spend my first summer at home with my babies! Pool, park and parties here we come!!  05.22.14, 10:57am
Lindsay Bodnar - I'm excited to take my twins to the beach for the first time this summer and for many trips to our family cabin! #makinmemories #blessed  05.22.14, 10:54am
Michele - I'll be home with my boys this summer, so I'm looking forward to spending lots of time outdoors!  05.22.14, 10:29am
Chelsea Rossi - Happy Birthday! We have several small family trips planned :) My kids and I hope to spend most of the sunny days outside and/or by the pool :)  05.22.14, 10:22am
Cassie - I'm so excited about this giveaway! We can't wait for my high school reunion in Vegas this summer :)  05.22.14, 9:56am
isabel - My family is coming to visit for the summer so i am looking forward to a full house, lots of fun and a few extra pairs of hands to help with our 3 kids!  05.22.14, 9:41am
danielle lyons - happy birthday lady :) we are just taking a long weekend in ocnj next weekend. it will be our first family vacation! excited to see what mila does on the beach!!  05.22.14, 9:40am
Ashley Schlachter - I have to say, you take beautiful pictures and I love seeing your work! Oh how I wish we lived in the same area so you can capture beautiful moments of my little girl. Happy birthday! And how nice of you to host an awesome giveaway! My daughter would love a pair of freshlypicked moccasins. I have been admiring them for a long time!  05.22.14, 9:34am
Stacey Alboum - This summer I will be hanging out with my almost 4 year old daughter and my boy/girl twins who turn 1 June 14th. Lots of trips to sesame place, our pool, watertable fun, a trip to Hershey Park, and more!  05.22.14, 9:31am
Constance Chabot-Doddy - I can't wait to cook on the fire this summer! I will make anything in a pie iron ❤️  05.22.14, 9:31am
Gabrielle Tabler - My favorite summer activity is going to be throwing my daughters birthday party! She is going to be 1 in June , and although it is going to be bittersweet I can't wait to see her party on!  05.22.14, 9:28am
Danielle Schultz - We're looking forward to going to Kings Island this summer with our little one and enjoying our favorite blue ice cream :)  05.22.14, 9:26am
Erica - HOW cute are those shoes and how cute is that little peanut? HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! We have a few fun things going on this summer, but I'm most looking forward to long days at Mimi's pool with Kaylin :) We'll also be up in Lancaster in September for a wedding!  05.22.14, 9:26am
Jamie S - Love your work and love this giveaway! Looking forward to the warm weather and my daughters first time on the beach. Oh, and ice cream... Lots and lots of ice cream :)  05.22.14, 9:03am
Amber - Oooo! Harper would love a pair of these! We've got lots of summer plans, including taking Harper for her first beach visit. I can't wait!  05.22.14, 5:00am
Annemarie - Enjoying the sun and sand with family and friends  05.22.14, 1:24am
Sarah - Not having school schedule to follow :)  05.22.14, 1:21am
Christen - Can't wait for dinner alfresco and s'mores from the firepit!  05.21.14, 10:54pm
Ellen - Looking forward to a family trip to Lake Placid!  05.21.14, 10:23pm
Abby Nittle - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALISON!!! What a generous giveaway! My favorite plans are not in motion yet but we have plans to plop a stainless steel stock tank in our yard, fill it up with the hose and go for a dip under the stars. Country livin' at it's finest.  05.21.14, 9:37pm
Kate M - I am looking forward to my baby girl's first summer...many trips to the beach and the Poconos!  05.21.14, 8:25pm
Alysa - Looking forward to swimming and welcoming #3. xoxo  05.21.14, 8:17pm
Taryn - Looking forward to planning our wedding and enjoying family vacations ...  05.21.14, 8:05pm
Meghan Ott - I am excited to move into a new house this summer and start decorating the different rooms!  05.21.14, 7:37pm
Diana - Looking forward to 'lazy' summer days around the house with my husband, pug and new baby girl...And of course seeing how Alison captured these moments just the other day!  05.21.14, 7:20pm
Karen - Looking forward to bringing our new little girl in on the fun, family & friends in OBX!  05.21.14, 6:43pm
Rachel - What a cutie pie!! I'll be getting ready for baby this summer and I'm sure to buy those moccasins in every color ;)  05.21.14, 5:45pm
Adriene Billet - Hopefully this summer we'll be introducing Hazel's baby toes to lots of sand on the eastern shore Maryland! ❤  05.21.14, 5:39pm