Kaitlin M - My fav go-to outfit would be a classic white t-shirt and my all-time favorite jeans. You can add any accessory chucky necklace/fun earrings/patterned scarf... You simply cant go wrong!  11.14.13, 3:06pm
chelsea - my workout clothes would have to be my favorite! I love lululemon because they are stylish and comfy so I can easily take them from the gym, to running errands.  11.13.13, 2:17pm
Jana KH - My new all-time favorite outfit is a perfectly fitted red sheath dress, a patterned Creatures of the Wind cashmere sweater and nude suede peep-toe pumps. I bought the sheath for a job interview after having been laid off. I wanted to wear something bold that made me feel confident and would help me stand out from the all-black uniform many people tend to adopt in New York City. It worked! I got the job!  11.13.13, 12:08am
Kate Duffy - I have a GORGEOUS purple gown that I wore to a gala event last year with my family...it was the first time I got to see my honey in a tux....hard to say which one of us looked better...I think we made a pretty smashing couple if I do say so myself.  11.12.13, 10:34pm
Jillian - I have a gold beaded flapper style dress that I got for a high school dance, somehow I've managed to wear it more than anything I own! I always feel special in it!  11.12.13, 7:19pm
Jackie Ruby - Gym clothes, I live in gym clothes. It's not good.  11.12.13, 2:24pm
Erin B - Definitely leggings and an oversized, comfy sweater. It's one of the big reasons why fall is my favorite season!  11.12.13, 11:02am
Tammy - my favorite outfit is a white lace shirt with black pants that I wore the day my husband and I found my wedding gown and I also happened to wear it the same day we signed our marriage license :)  11.12.13, 10:48am
Meghan - My favorite outfit would have to be color denim, basic t-shirt, a jean jacket and flats!! Ohh, with a fun animal print scarf! My beloved grandmother loved anything animal print!!  11.11.13, 11:44pm
Alicia Baatz - My fave outfit of ALL TIME...this is hard!!! Mine might have to be a red hoodie and sweatpants I wore so often in law school I called it my uniform!  11.11.13, 10:40pm
Amber Moralis - Hi Alison! My favorite outfit of all time is a long, black lace dress that I purchased at the thrift store. It's so special to me because it's what I wore on my first date with John! Even if I don't wear it anymore, I refuse to get rid of it.  11.11.13, 9:29pm
Erin - My favorite outfit is anything that works with leggings and boots- which is pretty much everything!!!  11.11.13, 9:27pm
Nicole Lee - Hi Alison, My favorite outfit would have to be a cute dress and some fun patterned stockings right now. After working in the O.R. and looking like a boy all day in scrubs, I'm happy to girl it up! <3  11.11.13, 9:15pm