Briana - Alison - I apologize it has taken me this long to respond, but thank you a hundred times over for immortalizing this surreal day for me. Justin and I are at tears every time we look at it. We have the drive and are going through the photos today! Thank you for your expertise and beauty :)  03.02.14, 9:06am
Meghan - The bride looks like a movie star!!!  10.20.13, 11:34am
Allison - Ohhhh mannnnn. I have so many favorites. Love her dress. Such a beautiful bride. Fabulous job!  10.16.13, 10:22pm
jess - so pretty! i love how the invitations match the lace on her dress :) beautiful shots!  10.16.13, 6:35pm
tammy bonovitz - love all of these gorgeous photos alison! xoxo  10.16.13, 12:36pm
rachel - such sweetness in the details! love these, alison!  10.16.13, 9:22am
Gina Sole - These are stunning, Alison! One of my favorite couples ever:) Thank you!  10.16.13, 6:55am