andrea bernabeo - What a wonderfoul wedding!!! I would have like to be there with all you to celebrate, happiness to Nicky and Ryan!!!!!!  06.06.13, 3:58pm
sharon Chisholm - Nicole, What a beautiful bride and handsome Groom. Your gown is absolutely breathtaking. I am so thrilled to know both you 2 lovely ladies will be raising twin boys. Isn't that ironic? Double blessings for both you & Sandy. Congratulations to you and your new wonderful family.  06.02.13, 9:20pm
Ann - Can't wait to see more!!  05.28.13, 9:30pm
Sandy - GORGEOUS as always... can't wait to see more :)  05.28.13, 11:41am
jess - these could totally be in a destination wedding magazine! can't wait to see the rest!  05.27.13, 6:22pm
Allison - Loving this already! Can't wait for these...  05.24.13, 7:24pm
Tammy - ....and what a fabulous sneak peak this is! can't wait to see the rest! :)  05.24.13, 6:54pm