Janet - The photos are amazing! What talented photographers. Wow! As to the bride's dress, I believe it is a Dennis Basso bridal gown. I saw it on Kleinfeld's website a few months ago.  05.25.13, 3:40am
Nicole - Beautiful bride, love her dress and shrug. Happened to be at Terrain that day and saw the set up in the sunlight, but the last shot with the market lights at night is just stunning!!! I can't wait to see more ...  04.20.13, 10:08am
laura - gorgeous, dreamy, romantic.. sigh!  04.19.13, 9:03am
Karyn Hilton - Beautiful bride and groom, and great pictures. Can't wait to see it ALL...  04.19.13, 6:06am
tammy - can't wait to see the rest of the photos! beautiful couple and amazing venue!  04.18.13, 7:29pm
maggie - these pictures are so amazing of Shawn and Joe. they look sooooo happy  04.18.13, 6:40pm
cheryl - sometimes a picture just captivates me and I get lost in it. I find that happening more and more with your pictures. These are beautiful, and I can't wait to see the rest.  04.18.13, 5:49pm
lucy - these images are simply gorgeous. The last one is "picture perfect".  04.18.13, 5:29pm
pinar - where did she get that dress??? to die for! amazing!  04.18.13, 4:59pm
kimberly - breathtaking! The last shot is magical!  04.18.13, 4:59pm
jessica - I visited Terrain once and still daydream about it. What a beautiful spot for a wedding. And, the couple couldn't look any more in love.  04.18.13, 4:58pm
Ann - So beautiful. That shot at night is Amazing. I love terrain. I want to live there!!!  04.18.13, 4:41pm
Bella - that last shot is amazing. We visited Terrain once, and it would be my dream wedding venue. Lucky couple! GORGEOUS couple!  04.18.13, 4:41pm
Lexi - I agree with the Mr. Big comment! The first shot looks like it's right out of a magazine!  04.18.13, 4:40pm
Logan - Is this Shawn from QVC? Wow, she is so beautiful! Love the dress and bouquet.  04.18.13, 4:39pm
Danielle - ohhh I love Terrain! Can't wait to see the rest. You can just feel their love through these shots.  04.18.13, 4:37pm
Nicky - Handsome couple! Where is her dress from? It's one of the prettiest dresses I've ever seen.  04.18.13, 4:37pm
aubrey - I love the subtle pink in her dress! What a beautiful couple. Terrain is one of the best wedding venues I've seen. How exquisite.  04.18.13, 4:36pm
jenn - WOW!! These are stunning! The groom looks a bit like Mr. Big, and the bride is gorgeous! Her dress is amazing. I can't wait to see the rest!  04.18.13, 4:35pm