Allison - I LOVE her dress! Wow! The ones of them in the city at night are my faves!  02.10.13, 8:31pm
jenn - This has moved up to one of my favorite weddings I've seen from you! The detail shots are amazing, the bride looks so happy and radiant, and the picture of her bridesmaids (I'm assuming seeing her for the 1st time) is the best. I love all of these!  02.08.13, 8:38am
rose - this wedding is amazing!  01.31.13, 2:04pm
lauren - love. what a gorgeous bride!  01.30.13, 6:17pm
Angie - What a beautiful couple - I love her look and the touches of navy. All the night photos are so romantic.  01.29.13, 7:26pm
tammy - these photos are terrific! you captured the emotions of this couple in such a beautiful way!  01.29.13, 7:19pm