Stephanie Barrett - So much joy, so much love - this is very evident...and what a beautiful couple!!  01.24.13, 11:57pm
Ann - What a special wedding - I can feel their love through the images. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!  01.23.13, 2:22pm
Lily Bourne - I LOVE these photos! You totally captured their moment! Beautiful pics..xoxo!  01.23.13, 1:25pm
Tammy - I was waiting to see this every since you posted the one sneak peak! Such a sweet couple and the photos tell it all! Wonderful work as always Alison!!!  01.23.13, 11:17am
Jenn - What a beautiful bride! You can see their happiness coming through in these pictures. I love the ones of them first seeing eachother .  01.23.13, 7:00am