Jacquie & Andrew - Alison and Geoff, We are so happy to hear that you are feeling much better. We just happened to stumble upon your personal blog and we were shocked to hear this news! We feel so silly because we've been emailing back and forth about our engagement shoot without ever realizing the horrible timing of all our conversations!! Just very happy to hear that you are well and you are definitely in our prayers as well. We will see you soon enough.  02.24.13, 4:04pm
Holly - Cheers to you, your recovery, your strength, and your courage. I always love to check out your latest blog posts for your latest projects because your work is truly inspiring. Somehow you capture the essence of the people being photographed and that is a true gift. Strangers who I don't know seem to have personalities in your photos and that is amazing.  12.19.12, 1:54pm
Sarah Neal - WOW Alison. Thank the Lord you're okay. I always thing how hard it would be for something to happen to a photographer's eyes. I'm grateful you got a big enough "symptom" that you could go in and have it fixed before it had worse implications. Wonderful attitude too... and so glad you came through it ok :)  12.14.12, 5:33pm
sara - you are phenomenal and an inspiration. alison, you are loved and amazing.  12.13.12, 2:10pm
Danielle Strype - Alison! I am at a loss for words! Your story is so encouraging and it just further proves how incredibly amazing you are! I truly feel blessed that you were strong enough to come back and shoot our wedding! You were so positive ad kept me completely at ease at a time that it was very easy to lose it all to nerves! I am so happy you are feeling well and on the road to recovery! You and Geoff are the best and I cant wish you both enough well wishes in life! I am so excited to see how beautiful our pictures turned out! Tom and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts! <3  11.30.12, 9:05pm
Jasmine - Alison!! My heart frowned reading this! We are so happy for your recovery, and are sending nothing but positive vibes and love your way! You, Geoff, & the kids are a tough bunch, and this only made you tougher. Good job, sister! xxxoo.  11.27.12, 9:36pm
Cortney goffin - So sorry to hear about your scary, terrible experience! Glad you are well and on the mend! You are a beautiful person and you deserve the best - health and continued happiness in the future Sincerely, Cortney and Greg Goffin (Skytop wedding November 2008)  11.27.12, 6:37pm
michele - i read your blog often and love your work. im sorry this all happened. thanks for inspiring me with your story. happy holidays.  11.22.12, 9:21pm
Erin - Xoxoxoxo. You are amazing! Happy Thanksgiving!  11.22.12, 9:37am
Lindsey N - Alison, I just wanted to let you know that Matt, my family and I are thinking about you. The only mildly helpful nursing knowledge I could impart onto you would be to quickly report any symptoms you have, like you did and to just take care of yourself :) We give you so much credit for having the courage to go through what you did and then for getting back in the game so quickly. Can't wait to see the amazing pics you took for us...we are sending positive thoughts your way! <3  11.22.12, 1:37am
Rici - Dear Alison, thank you for sharing your story!!! I´m following since some months now and I was wondering. Boy, I´m glad you´re ok and on the way of recovery! The story you told sounds really terrifying. Loosing sight and all. But it also sounds encouraging. To be thankful for each moment and for sight (especially in the photography business). I´m sooo glad there was a happy ending to your story! All the best to you and a very happy Thanks Giving!! ~ Saluti,  11.21.12, 3:49pm
Karen Rodriguez - Alison, I'm so glad everything is ok now. I wish you and your family a Thankful Thanksgiving. Many more years of your passion to go!! -Karen  11.21.12, 3:16pm
mario - whew... i'm sooooo glad you are ok. more importantly that you feel back to normal. can't imagine how scary this experience was for you and your family. hope you enjoy the holidays this year. they should be special.  11.21.12, 1:59pm
Kristine Muccigrosso - This is Danielle's MOH...I am awestruck of your fortitude and tenacity through this all! You did an amazing job at Danielle & Tom's wedding and I can't wait to see their pictures. Thank you for being so kind to my son...I really appreciate it! You have a special way with the little ones ; )!  11.21.12, 11:42am
Heidi Riesenberger(Lindsey's Mom) - I can't tell you how thankful we are that you are finally doing well after all this. Thank you for sharing that very personal part of your life. We are all grateful that you will always have that "vision" to see what is really happening in life, and to be able to put it in a photograph. Illness does strange things, but I know from personal experience, that it can do amazing things for how you live and spend the rest of your life. So happy for all of you.  11.21.12, 9:34am
Donna OBrien - What a courageous story to tell Allison! Such an amazing story and thinking of you!!!! So glad you are well again!  11.20.12, 5:31pm
Joana - Alison, I'm so happy to hear that you are doing well. My thoughts are with you and your family.  11.20.12, 9:11am
Nichole - I am so sorry to hear about what you and your family have gone through but am so glad to hear that you are doing well. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, I'm sure this holiday will be quite a special one with everything you all have been through.  11.20.12, 8:21am
Megan - We're so sad to hear about what you've been going through but glad things are going better right now. Take care and enjoy this time at Thanksgiving with your family-Megan and Nick  11.19.12, 8:31pm
Rachel D - Alison, I can't even imagine everything you've just experienced. I am so happy to hear that everything is going well now. Sending much love and many prayers to you and your family :)  11.19.12, 7:12pm
Caitlin - Always been a fan of yours...so sorry to hear what you and your family went through, but I am elated to hear you are doing well! Much love and health to you and your loved ones.  11.19.12, 6:23pm
Colleen Greto - Alison! I had no idea when you mentioned to me today that you had been in the hospital that is was something like this! So glad that you are feeling better. We had such a great time with you today :)  11.19.12, 5:37pm
Kristin - You have great courage to share your story with us! Thank you, and best wishes for good health. Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy creating your beautiful works of art!  11.19.12, 2:30pm
Maysam - Im so glad you feel better. I have been admiring your work since michele and nick wedding and i think you have a true talent....i wish one day you could do my wedding but i live in london :( i hope you keep sharing those cherished moments and wish you and your family the best health x  11.19.12, 12:26pm
Andrew Johnson - Alison, I can't imagine how tough that experience was for you. I am glad you are feeling better. You have a wonderful way of telling you story and your photographic vision is inspiring! I am glad you will be able to continue on with your passion. -Andrew & Alicia  11.19.12, 10:14am
Michelle Derry - Much love and many prayers to you through your hardship. May god give you healing and comfort. Your post has touched my heart and I understand your pain but I also know your strength!!  11.19.12, 8:34am
Gretchen - Know that you are in my thoughts Alison! What a harrowing experience for you and your boys, yet glad that everything turned out for the best!! Sending healing energy your way :)))  11.18.12, 11:23pm
Sharon Holmes - Alison!! I am so glad I was able to spend time talking to you in the hospital. I tried calling you twice, but maybe you were resting. I would love to come and visit and if you need anything, please let me know. Your story was beautifully written. Praise God for a good report and having the love of your wonderful family!! Love you much!! Sharon  11.18.12, 10:51pm
Kim - Mark & I are so happy that you are okay... what a terrific Thanksgiving this will be for you and your family!  11.18.12, 10:17pm
Svetlana - Alison, Thank you for sharing. You are so brave and I am truly thankful that you are okay. If there is anything that I can do to help out please do not hesitate to ask!!  11.18.12, 9:53pm
Megan Angelo - Thinking of you and Geoff and the boys--and SO glad to hear you are feeling better!  11.18.12, 9:43pm
Liz Stephens - Sitting here wiping tears - so glad you're ok. You are a treasure ;-)  11.18.12, 9:38pm
Rachel Mejias - Alison- Thank you for sharing this story. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for you and to hear that you have bounced right back to work.What an inspiration you are! This Thanksgiving, you are in our prayers and we are certainly thankful for the gift of the most amazing wedding photos this year! Enjoy the holidays :)  11.18.12, 9:36pm
maria felton - ALISON! oh my goodness!! i can barely believe what you have been going through!!! i'm so very glad to hear that you are going to be okay and your vision is back. i cannot imagine what you went through during this past month. thank you for sharing your story and for sharing YOU and your incredible talent with all of us. i feel so blessed to know you. this will be a thanksgiving to remember... you have so much to be thankful for. sending you lots of hugs and blessings all the way from florida! xo  11.18.12, 9:34pm
Brownstein-Scalora Families - Dear Alison. Thank you so much for informing us of your difficulties. We are all so thankful that you have recovered from your horrific experiences. You have such great vision through the eye of your camera and have brought lasting memories to so many through your photography. The powers that be knew you have so much more to offer. As this season of Thanksgiving comes upon us we are so thankful for your health and recovery.  11.18.12, 9:32pm
Kristin Lawrence - Always a fan of yours Alison! I appreciate you sharing you life, and am so glad that our Father in Heaven continues his great love for you and your whole family.  11.18.12, 9:25pm
Jen - Alison. Scott and I send our prayers to you and your family. You are an incredible person with such an amazing talent!  11.18.12, 9:24pm
Kerri - Alison, I'm so sorry to hear all you have been through.. I'm so glad everything is OK! You and your family are in mine and Blaise's prayers. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday. You have a lot to celebrate.  11.18.12, 9:15pm
Kristin - So glad that you're okay and able to continue to take beautiful photos that inspire us all!  11.18.12, 9:09pm
lauren whitty - alison! what an incredible story.. a world without your vision is a very sad thought. our home would not be the same without your photos of our engagement, wedding, and hopefully someday soon our new baby. this story is so touching and our family is so glad you are healing and doing well. thank you for sharing this! enjoy your thanksgiving!  11.18.12, 8:59pm
JKH - The courage you mustered to share your story does not go unnoticed. Wishing you a lifetime of strength and health!  11.18.12, 8:56pm
Laura Nish - Alison, I am so sorry to hear about everything you have been through but glad that everything worked out and you are ok. Our wedding photos are beautiful and I am so glad that you will be able to continue sharing your talent with everyone. Best of luck always.  11.18.12, 8:47pm
kelly - This is such great news. Prayers really do work! So glad you are starting to recover and feel better. Glad this is finally behind you!  11.18.12, 8:45pm
Julie - Alison - Phil and I were so touched to read your blog - thank you for sharing it with us. Sending you best wishes for only good, healthy, wonderful things moving ahead! Feel good!!! Julie, Phil and the kids  11.18.12, 8:40pm
Tammy and Erik - Alison, we are so sorry that you had to go through all of this. Sending you our love and may you continue to get stronger every day. We are so glad to hear that you are better now and doing what you love.  11.18.12, 8:39pm
Lily - Alison, your bravery and strength is applaudable and admirable. You are a brilliant creative woman whom I have come to know and I couldn't feel more lucky. Thank you so much for sharing this story...and thanks for being YOU. I'm here for you today and always!!! Love You  11.18.12, 8:12pm
Karen Peterkin - Oh Alison! Thanks for sharing... Sending lots of love and prayers your way. ENJOY your holiday with your beautiful family!  11.18.12, 6:32pm
Jill - Sending love your way! You are such an amazing woman!!  11.18.12, 6:29pm
Jackie Bayne - Yeahhhh! Beyond thrilled to hear that you are feeling better, such a scary experience. May you have the HAPPIEST of holidays Alison & Geoff!  11.18.12, 6:23pm
Emily - Alison, I am so relieved that you are ok. Sounds like you have been to hell and back. I am glad you are back. You are amazing. Love, Emily  11.18.12, 6:22pm
laura - sending great love from us to you & yours. xo  11.18.12, 6:20pm
Kristin Loutzenhiser - So glad to hear you are doing well. I am crying so hard reading this. Matt and Joe were amazing fill-ins though we selfishly were missing you. Mark us down for 1st year anniversary pics and baby pics too one day xoxo  11.18.12, 5:44pm
Paulina and Nick - We are so happy you're okay. What a painful and stressful experience this had to be for you and your family. So excited you've been able to get back on your feet and do what you love. I hope the holidays bring you peace!  11.18.12, 4:56pm
Tessa Miller - Alison, my heart sank reading this. I haven't known you very long, or personally, but the few times I met you, you have been so kind, personable and most importantly real. (which is a triat you don't always find in wedding proffessionals) You sharing your story with all of us whether we are clients, friends or family has only confirmed how real and wonderful you are. I am so very glad to hear you are well and recovering nicely...honestly I would never second guess your photography skills I truly believe you could do what you do with your eyes closed because you are that talented! Thanks for sharing and reminding us all how precious life is. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  11.18.12, 4:54pm
patricia strype - We are so blessed to have had you at our daughter''s wedding!! You were unbelievable and after reading your story AMAZING! We wish you all the best...good health and happiness !! Thank you again!!  11.18.12, 4:51pm
Jenn - I am so proud of you for many reasons. You have strength like no one I've ever known. Having my friend come out of this healthy is on the top of my thanksgiving blessings. Love you!  11.18.12, 3:53pm
Tina - Oh Allison, I'm so sorry to hear about this - but at the same time I'm SO happy that you're feeling back to yourself and you have your vision back! If there's anything at all I can help with, don't hesitate to email me:)  11.18.12, 3:43pm
Erica - oh my gosh....so much love to you. What a crazy experience. I am SO glad that you are ok, able to see, feeling good.  11.18.12, 3:20pm