janice - Looking at them again, even the apples in the orchard match your color scheme. xo  10.03.12, 8:54pm
Michele Price - Oh my Gosh! Dara & Sal- these are gorgeous. I absolutely love all the intricate details from the swing, the bicycle, and all the hearts- including the hearts on your shoes! Dara- you have such a great style and it is nice to see the two of you so happy! Awesome Job. :)  10.01.12, 1:30pm
Janice S - These pictures are just as gorgeous as Dara & Sal. You can see in their faces how much they love each other. BEAUTIFUL ;0). xo  09.29.12, 10:49am
Allison - What?! I HEART these! Incredibly cute and I love her outfits. Definitely some of my favorite eng. pics.  09.29.12, 10:42am
JVO - sooo gorgeous! you guys look amazing and the pictures came out absolutely amazing!!! you guys look soo happy! love it!!! xx  09.29.12, 10:33am
Jenn - Are you kidding me with these pictures?? I LOVE them!!! My favorite engagement pics I've seen in a long time. They belong in a magazine (and her outfits are amazing!)  09.28.12, 10:42pm
Dara - adore: "to regard with loving admiration" - this is how Sal and I feel about you Alison, and these wonderful pictures you've given us! You captured the joy & excitement we were feeling but more importantly...our hearts! Sincerest Gratitude. d&s  09.28.12, 8:12pm
Tammy - these photos are precious! love all the hearts and smiles. beautiful photos and a gorgeous couple!  09.28.12, 5:36pm
Gina - So incredible sweet. I love all of the thoughtfulness that went into this shot but even beyond that their love is just glowing off the computer screen. Lovely bright and fun couple madly in love!!  09.28.12, 8:40am
laura - love love love love love! love their smiles, love their love, LOVE her feathery skirt!, and all her shoes, and the bicycle & balloon, and final shot. love love love love love love! that's all you really need..  09.28.12, 8:22am
Sarah - These are so special. I LOVE them. What a beautiful couple - you can just feel their love for one another. Amazing wok as always!  09.28.12, 7:24am
Shelley Brownstein - Beautiful !!!!!!!! Alison your photos have captured the essence of Dara and Sal! I can't stop looking at them.  09.28.12, 6:48am