Mary Dunlap - Love. The Starfish photo is so great. They are all fabulous.  03.11.09, 5:31pm
Dara - They're better than I ever dreamt they could be. Thank you, Alison and Geoff, so much for capturing the whole weekend so beautifully. Kim and Matt . . . thanks for letting us share this special time with you. Miss you guys already! Congrats!  03.11.09, 8:20am
Marcee - Alison, you are amazing!!! These pictures are beautiful!!! My best friend made the most gorgeous bride in the world and you captured it wonderfully!!! Can't wait to see the rest...looking forward to many more weddings with you!!! :)  03.10.09, 9:33pm
Crystal - What amazing pictures!!! I too love all of them! I am so happy for the you, Kim and Matt! You guys had such a beautiful wedding day and all the magical moments are captured right here! Congrats and can't wait to see the rest! :)  03.10.09, 5:28pm
Mandi - What amazing photographs. You captured the entire weekend's feel. They have so much love for eachother and it shows in your images. I LOVE the photo of Kim in the elevator...she was such a beautiful bride!  03.10.09, 2:09pm
Allyson - Wow, great pictures!  03.10.09, 1:19pm
Raquel - Really gorgeous photos! Gorgeous venue, gorgeous dresses, gorgeous weather...everything was...well...Gorgeous! :)  03.10.09, 9:39am
Mike Panic - Simply amazing!  03.10.09, 8:56am
danielle - fabulous as always. i LOVE the long line of ice cream eating :)  03.10.09, 8:54am
The bride & groom :) - Had to take a quick peak before our flight out! Absolutely PERFECT photos for a perfect day! Alison, getting super sandy was totally worth it! And Geoff, you ARE the next James Bond :) Our most sincere thank you to you both for capturing such tender moments and for being SO fun and talented!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!  03.09.09, 9:38pm
cindy, a.k.a. mother of the bride - Alison - where do I begin? You have captured Kim's personality and Matt's love for her in each of these photographs. Add to that your professional creativity, and WOW - what a combination. Thank you so much for being part of this wonderful day in our lives. We are blessed and very thankful for your talents -- and they are many... What an awesome job!  03.09.09, 8:43pm
Erica - Oh my gosh- the last one is my absolute favorite. Love the angle  03.09.09, 8:09pm
Heather - These pictures are fabulous! I especially like the ice cream shot. Amazing photography! I can't wait to see all of them! Congrats!  03.09.09, 7:50pm
stacy - i have to say i agree with jenn! i love them all! i can't just pick one...excellent, excellent job alison! :) what a nice looking bride and groom also! :)  03.09.09, 7:14pm
jenn - Oh my gosh! I love them, I can't even pick a favorite! The ice cream shot with everyone against the wall is SO cute! And, I love the ring shot. So many good ones to choose from...everything looked gorgeous and perfect. And, leave it to you to edit on the plane! :)  03.09.09, 6:51pm