Steve - I am a rank amateur photog. I take pictures, some turn out nice and I am happy. But it is sooooooo....inspiring to see true professionals at work. Awesome. Just damn awesome. Great work and thank you for sharing. Oh and by the way..... how can you not take great pics of two beautiful people????? All the best  10.11.12, 7:51pm
Carolanne - I love the video, David and Maureen are just beautiful!  09.28.12, 9:40pm
Cathy - You two are so incredible at capturing the story of the day. These photos are so wonderful. What a stunning couple.  09.24.12, 3:04pm
Allison - The b+w of them with the police is awesome! So fun! And her dress is fabulous!  09.24.12, 10:55am
jenn - Love the police shots...especially with the bride in the hat! And, let me just say that I will be dreaming of her shoes for a long time to come.  09.23.12, 9:54am
lily - LOVE these photos!!!  09.19.12, 5:24pm
Kate - I agree = that dress is amazing!  09.18.12, 5:24pm
nicole - OMG LOVE her dress!  09.18.12, 4:25pm