lauren s. - Wow! This setting looks like it was so magical! What a great way to get the romance of a moonlight evening!  10.05.12, 11:44am
Alicia - I am not in the least surprised at how stunning these photos are. Your talents are out of this world! I love them all!!  09.18.12, 5:28am
Rici - Alison! I love this wedding soooo much. I pinned almost every second picture because of all these sweet moments you captured!! Such an amazing job you´ve done here! I really love the veil, rooftop pics!!!!!! And a night ceremony just makes me swooooon! Saluti.  09.05.12, 12:50pm
Kaili - Lindsey these pictures are incredibly stunning!!! I hope the day was as magical as it looked :)  09.01.12, 8:09pm
Jenna - Absolutely blown away by these pics and I was there!!!! Can't wait to see the rest.  09.01.12, 1:26pm
Jessica - what a beautiful wedding. wowoowowo!  08.28.12, 3:40pm
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marcee - I'm in love with this wedding!! I love the two shots of them hugging when they first see each other -especially the black and white! The planetarium looks amazing!!!  08.28.12, 10:42am
Allison - Wow! These are all so breathtaking and romantic...She's beautiful. LOVE that it was at the museum. Fantastic job guys!!  08.28.12, 10:08am
Heather N - What a magical day it was - and your photos capture so much of the emotion and happiness that was shared by everyone! I am looking forward to seeing all of the great pics to follow!!  08.27.12, 7:31pm
Amy - Perfection  08.27.12, 5:33pm
Heather - Classic Philly. So very pretty. Love her veil in the wind and his grey suit.  08.27.12, 5:23pm
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