michele (the bride) - Addison will love looking at these pictures of her parents making out lol thanks Alison for the great work  10.01.13, 12:43pm
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Anam - Hi Michele and Nick, Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to view one of the most beautiful days of your life. Without having met you, we (youtube viewers/subscribers) have become apart of your life and we consider you a mentor/friend because you are such an amazing human being. It makes me really happy to see a friend having her dream wedding and her having met such a wonderful person to share her life (I don't know Nick but the emotion in his eyes tells me he'll take care of you every step of the way!). I pray that God fills both of your lives with so much love, happiness, and blessings. May the two of you together brighten your future to the best it can ever be! Lots of love and God bless the two of you.:)  05.28.12, 9:26pm
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