jessica - i love this shot of your boys! hope your birthday was amazing :)  05.27.12, 9:07am
Rachel - Happy birthday, Alison! Hope it was a great one. We can't wait to meet you next month.  05.23.12, 2:34pm
Megan - Hope you had the bestest birthday!! Wishing you a wonderful and (another) successful year ahead!!  05.23.12, 9:00am
Roseanne - Happy Birthday,Alison! ! Wishing you much happiness and love throughout the year!  05.22.12, 10:26pm
mike - Happy happy birthday!  05.22.12, 8:36pm
laura - a very happy fabulous spectacular 32 to you!!!  05.22.12, 4:51pm
Allison - This is one of my favorites of the boys. Makes me smile. I hope this year is filled with your most favorite deserve it. Can't WAIT for BB! Woo Hoo! Happy Birthday Alison : )  05.22.12, 4:30pm
Becca - Happy Birthday, Alison. It is hard to believe that you are only 32 with all that you have accomplished so far. Your work continues to inspire so many. Have a wonderful birthday!  05.22.12, 3:23pm
Jenn - Happy birthday!! You have quite an exciting year in front of you. I was probably the first person to Pre order the cookbook, and I couldn't be more excited for you or think of a more deserving person!  05.22.12, 2:14pm
Abby n. - Yay, Happy Birthday Alison! Hope you have a wonderful 32nd year :), can't wait to see what the future holds for you and your family!  05.22.12, 2:04pm
Cara - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Beautiful photo of the boys and oh so very excited about the COOK BOOK!!! Going to preorder now :)  05.22.12, 1:33pm
Erica - HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY!!! Hope its a fantastic day. That picture is precious  05.22.12, 1:31pm