Raquel - Such beautiful pictures! What a cute, tiny baby!  02.28.09, 12:17am
Shennon - Absolutely Beautiful!  02.27.09, 8:22pm
Jenn - Gorgeous baby, gorgeous mommy, gorgeous pictures. And he's smiling!congrats!  02.26.09, 8:22pm
stacy - just beautiful! congrats abby and josh! and awesome shots alison!  02.26.09, 7:46pm
Briony - oh my goodness sooooo precious!  02.26.09, 7:31pm
Erica - so gorgeous!  02.26.09, 6:37pm
lindsey - how joyful! a true blessing! (not to mention a great name) congratulations.  02.26.09, 3:56pm
lauren - He is soo cute! I love his dinosaur noises! So adorable!  02.26.09, 3:47pm
Mike Panic - Smiling from day one, can't ask for much more than that!  02.26.09, 2:55pm
abby - so precious! i can't wait for my turn to hold him! congratulations josh and abby!  02.26.09, 2:45pm