jenn - GORGEOUS! What a classy wedding.  04.09.12, 9:25am
Amy - Pure elegance. What beautiful emotionally shots.  04.08.12, 6:16pm
Audrey - The most amazing slideshow....I LOVE the and Geoff have captured every emotion, every memory....THANK YOU!  04.04.12, 5:10pm
Lucy L - GORGEOUS pictures of a fabulous day!  04.03.12, 10:00am
Allison - LOVE the shoe shot!! And the views are amazing....Great work as ALWAYS A+G ; )  04.01.12, 7:28pm
Fredda Satinsky - I may be a bit bias but what an incredibly good looking couple. Their smiles are infectious and the photos are pure art!  03.31.12, 6:32pm
Fredda - Though I may be a bit bias, I think this is one of the most beautiful couples I've ever seen. Alison, these are stunning and so artistic.  03.31.12, 6:28pm
Lauren Huston - Alison- I'm a friend of the Fendell Family's. I have been waiting for Rachel's special day and I am so thrilled to have seen these photos. They are absolutely lovely and capture a glimmering moment in time and a very special family so beautifully. Your work is stunning! Thanks for giving me a little taste of the amazing event!  03.31.12, 1:42pm
Audrey - Alison, every moment you captured...memories that will last a lifetime...stunning photographs! Thank you!!!  03.31.12, 1:24pm
Meghan - Unbelievable Alison!!!!!! WOW! I am speechless!!!  03.31.12, 11:22am
Ann - Wow wow wow. What a beautiful wedding, beautiful couple. These photos capture the emotion so well. I feel like I am part of their story. Amazing.  03.31.12, 8:33am
Linda Bart - What stunning pictures! I do not think I have ever seen such an artistic way of showing this extremely special wedding.  03.31.12, 8:27am