amanda - omg. love. love. love. especially after hearing about her the other day :-) your boys are so precious!  11.04.09, 7:49am
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fran again - and by the way, she writes very well for a pre-K er!  03.17.09, 10:15pm
fran/brookes mom - no really this is tv material; they are so connected, you should send it to some ad agency or tv station!precious capturing of true friendship of that age- innocent, uninhibited,...  03.17.09, 10:13pm
Stephanie - This is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen... how sweet! That was a great idea!!  03.17.09, 12:38pm
joan and joseph - you guys look so cute together that's cute you guys are missing the same tooth. SEE YOU SOON XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO  03.09.09, 8:34pm
abby , anthony frank - Hi birdie I loved your video. just let moses know my name.i want to be his friend also.joana,haley,joseph,ross,kevin,gabriel and i miss you very much!! xo anthony p.s howz that tooth going?  03.09.09, 7:18pm
Tricia - So many of life's moments go unrecorded or things get lost, and the fact that you so brilliantly captured these innocent, sweet, sweet moments is a true credit to your gift and talent that you so happily share with others.  03.07.09, 7:35pm
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Anita (Brooke's friend) - This is absolutely adorable! I agree it would be amazing if they got married someday and this slide show played at their wedding. Oh I'm warm and fuzzy.  03.01.09, 3:02pm
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Mike Panic - He's got game... and it's an amazing set! It will embaress him to no end around the age of 14 and by the time he's 22 he'll be pulling these photos out to show to whomever he's dating now and be very proud.  02.20.09, 8:23am
Raquel - Sooooo cute! What great pictures and great memories! He's gonna be rolling his eyes one day when you bring these out to show people, but eventually he'll grow to appreciate it.  02.20.09, 8:05am
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laura & mena - ha ha ha... WAY TOO CUTENESS.. we saw your FB and of course came to your blog for the show.. your sons are lucky to have such a super cool mom!  02.19.09, 7:11pm
Becky - I LOVE THIS! And I love it even more that you took them to the Ritz on their "first date"! :)  02.19.09, 7:00pm
Marion - Made my heart fill up.....what a great day we had with you and Moses, Alison....and what an unforgettable gift you have given both families....thank you so very much. Seriously cute together aren't they!!! :0)  02.19.09, 6:50pm
Trish - He is going to be so pissed at you when you bring out these pics when he is about 17, but he (or maybe his wife) will thank you around 30! SO cute!!!!!!!! I LOVE that you scanned the note! The cutest thing ever!  02.19.09, 5:34pm
jenn - Oh my gosh...I posted before the slideshow. The song! So cute with the pictures! I'm officially having you come photograph Nick and Logan's first crushes...hopefully not the same girl! ;)  02.19.09, 5:33pm
jenn - This is my favorite post ever! How cute are they?! And the pics against the wall look like a little engagement shoot! Love!  02.19.09, 5:31pm
Erica - Just had to let you know I thought this was so cute that I came back to show it to Josh!  02.19.09, 5:26pm
Tabitha at Elite Bridal Concierge - OMG! They are too cute and yes, they will remember this day forever. What a happy and fun time it looks like they had!!  02.19.09, 4:21pm
Jeff - Allison, Moses might not know it yet, but he is going to have her in his memory forever. You never, ever, forget the first crush. Ironically my first crush was named Allison, and I married another Allison 18 years later . It's a crazy world! This is one of my favorite posts you made.  02.19.09, 3:55pm
lauren - these are moments only ever captured in stories... never in breath taking cute color! i wish you were there for my first crush! can't wait for his teen years to taunt him with these!  02.19.09, 3:10pm
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