Allison - Fantastic stuff A+G!!  03.29.12, 8:59pm
Erin - WOW! What a beautiful couple and event. Each picture was more stunning than the next. Way to go, Alison!  03.20.12, 12:26pm
abby - Awesome photos of a gorgeous bride and groom! So elegant...  03.19.12, 12:59pm
Rici - I really, really like th way how you captured the wedding and told the story!! Like these little moments. With the fathers reaction and getting out of the car (shoe detail) and the dancing pictures. I like the angles you choose and cropped. They make it so intimate! Many Greetings from Tuscany!!  03.17.12, 9:15pm
jenn - I found it very, very hard to stop staring at the 1st two shoe pics to even look at the rest! But, I'm so glad I did. These are amazing! Every single one. What a gorgeous wedding. I cannot wait to see the slideshow!  03.13.12, 8:21pm
Emma - These photos are incredible! I love every one! Can't wait to see the slideshow.  03.13.12, 7:45pm
Tammy - LOVELY!  03.13.12, 3:51pm
Shawna - Love love love her dress. It is so beautiful! What amazing photos. The one of her dad seeing her gets me every time!  03.13.12, 7:51am
Ann - Absolutely beautiful!  03.13.12, 7:51am
Christie - These photos are great! Who did the makeup for this wedding?  03.12.12, 10:57pm
erica - wow wow! amazing!  03.12.12, 9:31pm