jessica - the colors in this shoot are amazing too! love the record store pics :)  03.09.12, 6:32pm
jenn - "do you want to hang out for the rest of our lives?" awesome. I love how different all of your couple shoots are. It really shows the different personalities. These are great!  03.05.12, 5:04pm
Allison - What a fun shoot!! Love the record store...  03.04.12, 8:18pm
Angel - Everything about these are so cool!!  03.01.12, 12:13pm
nicole - these are awesome - i love the colors and the coordinating outfits :)  03.01.12, 8:34am
Ann - Love the bright colors and the orange wall. And how much fun is the record store! Such a sweet session - the couple is so cute!  03.01.12, 7:44am