Alison - Sophie, the artist is Dallas Shaw.  05.18.12, 2:11pm
sophie - please could you let us know who the art work behind the gold shoes is by? thank you!  05.18.12, 11:16am
jenn - I would kill for just an ounce of her style. These are beautiful!  03.05.12, 5:02pm
Ann - Sounds like the perfect collaboration of woman! Dallas, Styled Creative, and you!!!  03.01.12, 7:45am
it's laura! - love glitter, really really love glittery shoes.. and your images! & her site!  02.27.12, 9:11pm
Allison - Everything about this = sheer sexiness. The sofa and shoes are are KILLER. Great shots Alison!  02.27.12, 4:45pm
nicole - love her style!!!!  02.27.12, 3:53pm