Ann - Too pretty to eat!!!  03.01.12, 7:45am
jenn - I absolutely love everything about this picture! The cupcakes, the cakestands, the colors, the giraffes! Love it!  02.25.12, 8:30pm
Susan - Love the details and colour scheme!  02.23.12, 11:17am
Tammy - The colors make me happy. Beautiful photo.  02.20.12, 2:33pm
laura - indulging in Brown Betty's sweets has been on my to-do list since I saw your first images of her amazing baked goodies! So, now that I've moved closer to the city, I am def finding her shop to purchase a very large box of cupcakes & more! fabulous image : )!  02.20.12, 9:03am
Beke Beau - Giraffes - wonderful....  02.19.12, 8:12pm
Allison - Those cakes look awesome!! Mmm. And I love all of the pretty cake stands.  02.19.12, 6:30pm
Nicole - Love the colors!! Makes me want to have a party - and eat lots of cake :)  02.19.12, 12:39pm
Ann - So beautiful. Love your collaborations with styled creative  02.18.12, 11:36pm
Erica - Gorgeous. I'll have a cupcake please :)  02.18.12, 3:00pm
jessica - LOVE!!!  02.18.12, 1:56pm