geoff c - hi meg, thank you for commenting on the blog! chloe is a very loving 8 year old american bulldog  02.21.12, 7:53pm
meg - these are so great! what kind of dog is chloe?  02.21.12, 7:49pm
Allison - LOVE EM. LOVE EM.  02.19.12, 6:31pm
Ann - Love. What adorable kids. Love the blues and greens.  02.18.12, 11:35pm
Erica - Always beautiful!! Such handsome boys!  02.18.12, 11:30pm
Tom - Really inspirational portrait shots of a family! simple but really successful.  02.18.12, 5:27pm
jessica - love these :) they are all so adorable!  02.18.12, 1:57pm
abby - Great stuff! Your boys are growing up so fast, I can't believe it!... and braces!  02.17.12, 10:38pm
jenn - for a second, when I saw chloe in the title, I thought a new girlfriend had been added to the mix! I love watching them grow up, they are all so adorable!  02.17.12, 5:55pm