beauty tips - my favorite pair of shoes  07.30.12, 11:43am
Beke Beau - YAY!! Going on the wall in my new studio!!  01.26.12, 5:21am
Becca - LOVE my steve madden cognac leather boots...comfy with a little bit of southern flair :)  01.25.12, 10:20pm
Lyndsay - my favorite pair of "shoes" are my UGG moccasins! Sooo comfy!  01.25.12, 9:09pm
lori - my favorite pair of shoes are my brown leather flipflops :)  01.25.12, 8:11pm
Jessica@TWB - My fave shoes are my blue Badgley Mischka's I wore on my wedding day. Totally girly and fun!  01.25.12, 11:33am
Meghan - My favorite pair of shoes are not so much shoes as they slippers. My boyfriend's father gave them to me on the first Christmas I met his family and I barely ever take them off! They are the warmest, most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. And the best part about them is they always remind me of Christmas.  01.24.12, 11:36pm
Jill - My favorite pair of shoes are a cute pair of black flats that have a buckle going arcoss the toes. Not only are they cute, but they're super comfy too, which would be the reason why I've purchased two pairs of them over the past 3 years! Guess I can't live without them :)  01.24.12, 4:29pm
Jess - My favorite shoes are a vintage pair of brown boots that I got from a friend of mine who didn't want them any more. I couldn't believe it! They are really well made, but I am always afraid they are going to become unwearable, so I take them to the cobbler for little repairs :)  01.24.12, 3:43pm
Tessa - I used to work in a shopping mall, and every day on my break I would go and "visit" these shoes at this upscale boutique. I saved up for over 3 months for them and finally bought them! They are pale pink with different colored buttons and pearls sewn on them! They are pretty wild and may never go with anything I own but...they now belong to me and have a home in my closet.:) Those shoes will always remind me of hard work and can always put a smile on my face!  01.24.12, 1:53pm
jenn - My all-time favorite pair are my black Kate Spade pumps. A classic pair that can be dressed up or down.  01.23.12, 7:46pm
Meredith - My all-time favorite pair of shoes was a pair of t-strap two tone lovelies (camel and black) by DKNY. I was rushing to leave the house one morning and tripped down the last 2 steps. Broke the heel right off. I definitely wished I had broken a bone instead - they couldnt be fixed.  01.23.12, 1:55pm
Kaitlin M - This month, my favorite pair of shoes are my nine west tan pumps, not only are they super comfortable but I can wear dress them up for work, or dress them down for lunch with my girlfriends. I feel like a million bucks in them!  01.23.12, 1:44pm
Janna K - My favorite shoes used to be a pair of black heels with white lace over them 9 love the combination of black n white) =) but after my knee surgery I'm afraid to wear heels bc i might bust my a** i wear flats now.  01.23.12, 1:25pm
Kristin I - My favorite pair of shoes are a tan pair of peep toe, suede heels from Steve Madden. They have two bows on the front of each of them. Whenever I put these shoes on, I feel like I can conquer the world. There's something about a nice pair of heels that can put me in a good mood and make me feel confident and beautiful. I wear them on rainy days, and days when I'm feeling down because they have the power to change my outlook! I'd love to add this piece of artwork to my collection. It'd be perfect to hang over my desk to keep me motivated at work!  01.23.12, 10:04am
danielle lyons - my fave shoes are my red chunky heels i wore to your matters of the heart event :) they have a bow, have a high heel, are super fun, bright red and just make me happy!  01.23.12, 9:01am
Meghan Ott - My favorite pair of shoes are my Silver Glitter Sparkle Keds I wore on my wedding day in memory of my late Grandmother, Isabel Pruner. My Grandmother was a Ked-o-holic and would buy basic white Keds and dye and decorate them to match every outfit she owned! She was bedazzling things before the bedazzler was invented!! I will cherish my Keds forever :-)  01.22.12, 5:32pm
Jennie Harclerode - My favorite pair of shoes were these hot pink slip ons that I had got in Morocco. They were super comfortable and I wore them with everything because they added such a pop of color to any outfit. Sadly I wore them so much, they got holes in the bottom and had to go in the trash:(  01.22.12, 3:37pm
Adina - My favorite shoes are my Kate Spade sparkly flats that Joel got me for Christmas last year. I love Kate Spade and I love sparkle so they were the perfect gift :)  01.22.12, 3:27pm
jacqueline - My favorite pair of shoes do not belong to me, they belong to my 2 year old daughter. They are her Ruby red slipper shoes that she insists on wearing with every outfit even if they don't match. They are getting old and worn and the sequins are falling off...and for Christmas she got several other sparkly shoes in different colors. But, she still insists on those red ones. I love that about her.  01.22.12, 6:34am
Allison - My favorite shoes are my satin 4" red, orange, and yellow paisley print stilettos. They are sexy and one of a kind. I have gotten more compliments on them then I can count both from women and men. They make me feel like a million bucks every time I wear them....  01.21.12, 11:39pm
Becca - These days, I never want to take off my brown suede furry lined boots! Love this pictures, btw.  01.21.12, 8:00pm
kristin - my favorite shoes are my wedding shoes. every time i wear them i remember how i felt on that day!  01.21.12, 7:31pm
Beke - My favorites are my Theory snakeskin sandals - I could walk a very stylish mile in them and after....uh...almost seven years, they still look great....  01.21.12, 6:33pm
hannah - My favorite shoes are my vintage coach booties inherited from my mother!  01.21.12, 3:02pm
Nicole - My favorite pair of shoes that I wear are my brown Ecco boots from Nordstroms that I bought for my shoot with Alison- not only are the super comfy but they are also stylish and I get tons of compliments on them.  01.21.12, 1:49pm
Erica - Gorg shot! I love the black shoes with a bow that I wore with my wedding dess!  01.21.12, 1:46pm
lauren - my favorite pair of shoes are some infamous knee high boots. Anyone who knows me is likely very sick of them. I apologize.  01.21.12, 1:30pm
Adriene - My favorite pair of shoes are a red velvet Doc Martin boots. I've had them for 16 years and only wear them about five times a year.  01.21.12, 1:08pm
Rebecca Richman - My favorite pair of shoes are a pair that I got from Anthropologie. They are peep toe floral print heels (not too high a heel). On top of it they're incredible comfortable...I could run a mile in those suckers... Fingers crossed...cute print!  01.21.12, 12:01pm