Sarah - This wedding is amazing. The florals are stunning and her dress is made for her not to mention his tux. What a wonderful romantic wedding. The photography is breath taking.  01.04.12, 11:50pm
Nikki Caple - Beautiful! It was so nice meeting you before the wedding, your work is gorgeous! You truly captured the beauty of the day. I will keep you in mind for any other hair and makeup clients that need a photographer:)  01.04.12, 10:23pm
nicole - everything about this wedding oozes class! i love winter weddings and this is one is no exception. the floral is breathtaking.  01.03.12, 9:30am
jenn - Add this to one of my favorite weddings you've done. These are so beautiful! I can't even pick a favorite. Congratulations to a beautiful couple!  01.03.12, 8:07am
Laurie - LOVE this one Alison, just beautiful and Birchrunville is right down the road from me.  01.01.12, 7:22pm
Keely - YOU GUYS.... incredible. I keep reliving the moments. THANK YOU for being able to capture this. it will keep the memories and emotions alive!!!!! Can't wait to see the rest!!!!  12.31.11, 1:22pm
jessica - LOVE this wedding :) Both the church and the Birchrunville Cafe were such perfect, cozy locations for a winter wedding. I love all of the garland, candles, lights, trees, and greens. You captured such beautiful light in all of the pictures.  12.31.11, 12:17am
Tammy - Adorable!!!!  12.30.11, 11:06pm
Jason - You two take the most beautiful photographs I have ever seen. Beautiful light and beautiful moments captured.  12.30.11, 11:05pm
Meghan - Simply Amazing!!!!  12.30.11, 10:58pm