Margee - Keely and John, Although I've never met either of you before, I have enjoyed listening to the stories of the planning and the day of the wedding from your Mom (Chris). I can see now why she was so excited and happy for both of you.You were a Beautiful bride and handsome groom. Amazing wedding photos! Congratulation and best wishes!!! TCSSBGGB  01.04.12, 9:30pm
muriel - Keely, this is gorgeous! You look beautiful, the church looks incredible and it all belongs in a magazine. Kudos to John and your Dad for setting the scene. Wishing you a lifetime of love together . It is certainly a beautiful beginning! Congrats from Denny and Muriel  12.31.11, 7:28pm
nicole - don't keep me in suspense.... i can't WAIT to see more of this wedding - this is AMAZING  12.30.11, 2:58pm
Kristin - Absolutely magical!  12.30.11, 1:25pm
Karen - GORG  12.30.11, 12:59pm
Marcee - O.M.G.  12.29.11, 5:55pm
jessica - winter weddings are the best! this is absolutely stunning. can't wait to see the rest!  12.29.11, 9:16am
laura - yes, a daily look (while at work) to see your newest images.. this one gave me goosebumps! can't wait to see the rest!  12.29.11, 9:06am
Amber - This is amazing. So beautiful.  12.29.11, 9:00am
jenn - this is simply stunning. so incredibly beautiful!  12.29.11, 8:34am