janet logan - A picture truely is worth a thousand words. These two glorious pictures speak to me of love, beauty, and wonder. Alison has the gift with a lens. I am so happy for Stacey and Ian.  11.15.11, 6:20pm
Vanecia Watson - Love the first 2 pics. Can't wait to see more.  11.03.11, 7:27pm
Cheri - Wow.... A golden couple in a golden scene. Wonderful picture.  11.03.11, 5:47pm
Devon Mahaney - Absolutely gorgeous!!! It looks like you had the perfect day!!  11.01.11, 4:11pm
MOB - Even if there were no more pictures, I'd be blissfully happy, but I can't wait to see the rest. Alison, you are amazing!  11.01.11, 12:02am
Sandy Ahlgren - . . .and they lived happily ever after. . . .  10.31.11, 9:55pm
Sarah - Any bride who gets married in fall dreams of photos like this. Outstanding and this is only the sneak peek.  10.31.11, 9:47pm
Sandy Ingrao - Unbelievably beautiful!! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!  10.31.11, 9:42pm
Heather - These are amazing. What perfect fall wedding images.  10.31.11, 9:39pm
jenn - I "wow'd" outloud at the 2nd pic. Gorgeous!  10.31.11, 9:22pm
Stacey Pennington - Already speechless and we have only seen the first two pictures! Can't wait to see them all. Thank you Alison for helping to capture the most amazing day of our lives.  10.31.11, 9:15pm