Lia & Jesse - Thank you so much for being a part of our day! It was a blast spending the day with you and Geoff and the pictures are all absolutely amazing!! :)  09.03.11, 12:25pm
Alicia Baatz - WOW! This wedding and your pictures of it are incredible! Love the one of them on the Vespa w/her chin on his shoulder and the paper lanterns. Amazing!!!  08.30.11, 7:13am
jenn - I don't even know where to start...these are so gorgeous! You can see how much thought was put into this wedding. Amazing pics Alison and Geoff!  08.29.11, 3:35pm
Caitlin M - Wow, these pictures are beautiful! They truly capture the love and happiness present that day!  08.28.11, 11:01pm
Lauren F - These photos are amazing!!!! You can feel how happy Lia and Jesse truly are. What an amazing day!  08.28.11, 6:15pm
Cindy Rish - Poetry in photos! It feels as if I am reliving each moment captured and crying tears of joy all over again...  08.28.11, 1:33pm
Carly - these bring tears to my eyes everytime i look at them, they are all so wonderful. you and geoff really captured the day beautifully.  08.27.11, 5:30pm
ann - the motion shots on the vespa are amazing. the entire wedding is beautiful. you two did an outstanding job as always. i love lia's dress!!  08.27.11, 4:47pm
Meghan - WOW!! My favorite is the bride and groom walking along side the pond!! Just incredible!!!  08.27.11, 1:38pm
Sharon H - These photos are filled with such warmth and happiness. What a beautiful reflection of their day. Such a lovely couple - looking at these I feel like I am there at the wedding and that is such a gift for them to have forever.  08.27.11, 12:21pm
Patti - STUNNING. Absolutely amazing. Your work is inspirational. This wedding is beautiful.  08.27.11, 11:33am
Jen - I love how organic and natural your photos are. Such a beautiful wedding. I love the field and the wish lanterns and the beetle!! Love it all!  08.27.11, 11:32am
amy - EPIC...please tell me this one has been submitted to MSW??  08.27.11, 11:06am
Meg - I am blown away each and every time I look at your work. Speechless. I am speechless.  08.27.11, 9:46am