Val - Thank you for capturing these special moments! Such a beautiful day, a gorgeous couple and stunning photos!  08.20.11, 3:10pm
Margie - In a world where it seems anyone who buys a camera is suddenly a photographer it is so refreshing to see such art and beauty in your photos. These are amazing - your work speaks for itself.  08.20.11, 8:54am
Paula - Stunning, fantastic, amazing. Beautiful picture ... truly captured the essence of this amazing day! :)  08.18.11, 2:42pm
Sarah Neal - Shadow shot is awe-diggity-some. Sincerely ~ Sleep Deprived,  08.18.11, 12:53pm
Kirsten Mavric - There is something so ... 'larger than life' about your vision and work. Each image is so strong and gets you right in the gut. I can't really describe it well, so I hope you get what I mean :)  08.18.11, 6:26am
jenn - After I was finally able to stop gazing at her beautiful shoes, I looked through the rest...and wow. What a gorgeous bride! The black and whites of her are stunning. These are amazing!  08.17.11, 5:51pm
Jen - It was a beautiful day to celebrate an amazing couple. You captured everything wonderful about them! Incredible!  08.17.11, 4:54pm
Meghan - What a stunning bride and beautiful gown!! Love the flame picture!! Just amazing Alison and Geoff!!  08.17.11, 2:48pm
erin - Wow, these are incredible! Amazing as always! I especially love the picture of their shadows. So creative and beautiful! xo  08.17.11, 2:23pm
Angie - LOVE!  08.17.11, 10:44am
Ann - Such a beautiful couple. These photos are incredible.  08.17.11, 8:33am