Allison - AWESOME stuff!  08.21.11, 8:25pm
abby - Wow, I love these colors! So beautiful and bright. It's funny brides usually wear white, cause these colors are much more expressive of how I felt on my wedding day!  08.21.11, 10:05am
Cheri Foti - I can't wait to see the rest of the photos. This bride is beautiful!  08.16.11, 7:47pm
jenn - beautiful!  08.14.11, 6:43pm
Allison - ooooh.....leavin' me hangin' here!  08.13.11, 6:52pm
Lisa - So beautiful can't wait to see more!  08.13.11, 1:53pm
Ann - This looks like a painting! It is so beautiful.  08.13.11, 9:34am
jessica - STUNNING!!!  08.13.11, 8:54am