Gretchen - Awesome!!  08.15.11, 3:54pm
jenn - oh my gosh...LOVE!  08.14.11, 6:44pm
jessica - these are beautiful, alison. they will treasure the images forever!  08.13.11, 8:56am
Kelly - Just Stunning..... Allison, I love how you capture the innocence of a child. Nanci it helps that you have the 2 cutest kids in the world.  08.11.11, 12:30pm
Nanci and Rick Knoedler - WOW! Alison thank you so much for coming to our house and shooting our kids and us! If this is just a preview, then we can't wait to see the rest. Your talent is beyond our words. We look forward to seeing your work and recognizing it everywhere we look! Thanks again  08.10.11, 10:03pm
Allison - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! It doesn't get any sweeter then this! Alison these are great! (And's about time!) SO EXCITED to see the rest of them!!! xoxoxox  08.10.11, 9:31pm
Jen - These are how children portraits are done! Such beautiful photos of beautiful girls. Their personalities come through in the photos! Stunning! I love all of them!  08.10.11, 9:18pm