SakhiBeauty - Wedding Dress,Makeup,Hair Style,Wedding Accessories looks amazing.  10.29.13, 8:27am
Allison - The dress...the colors...the smiles...WOW! Nice job A+G  08.16.11, 9:21pm
jessica - i love this wedding! this couple is adorable! i never knew you could have a wedding at the NCC. love all of the details, the amazing venue, and her stunning dress. you captured their love and happiness perfectly, alison.  08.13.11, 8:59am
Ellen Dorris - Every detail of this wedding was gorgeous!  08.11.11, 3:55pm
Sage Parker - What beautiful photographs, I almost feel as if I was with them on their wedding day, perfect!! I'm in love with the brides vail :)  08.10.11, 8:50am
Meghan - One word: AMAZING!!  08.09.11, 8:56pm
Madeline - Every time I think I have a favorite wedding you post something like this and I change my mind. Your vision is so magical and amazing it blows my mind. I can't wait until you shoot my wedding!  08.09.11, 3:56pm
Alicia Baatz - All of the weddings you've been doing lately have had the most amazing BM dresses! These brides have great taste in clothes and photographers ;) LOVE the shot w/the huge American flag!!!  08.09.11, 1:30pm
jenn - Sometimes I think to myself, how could your work get any better?? Yet, it does. These are so incredibly beautiful. Her dress, the colors she choose, and the obvious love you can see the b&g have for eachother, are all remarkable. She is going to have a tough time narrowing pics down for her album!  08.09.11, 9:35am
Laura - I love settling into work with my cup of coffee - checking my email - then your blog. This wedding is outstanding. Sounds like a dream team of vendors! You captured their love - it jumps off the page.  08.09.11, 9:29am
Lindsay - What a beautiful couple. This wedding is stunning! I love the flowers - the bright bold colors and the brides dress!!  08.09.11, 9:22am
Nicole - WOW! I smiled throughout this entire post. There is so much love and joy in this photographs. So beautiful!  08.09.11, 9:18am