Kristin Hardwick - love these! the one of them lying on the black and white floor... awesome!  08.15.11, 7:55am
jessica - i adore this engagement shoot! this couple has amazing style. they look so happy together. now i want saddle shoes again! :)  08.13.11, 9:01am
sar sar - OMG-YOU GUYS ARE TOO CUTE. great job alison!  08.08.11, 11:25am
Denise - Gush! These are amazing.  08.08.11, 12:34am
Amber - Alison, these are beyond beautiful. You captured John and I so perfectly. We are BEYOND thrilled to have you photograph our wedding!!  08.07.11, 11:41pm
Sarah - These are rad. I love the second one with the glasses and the checked floor - and the wall photos - I love them all. What a cool couple. Can't wait to see their wedding.  08.07.11, 11:23pm
Jenn - I don't even know them, but I'm excited to see their wedding! Love these.  08.07.11, 10:57pm
Jen - These are really powerful. I love the checkered floor.  08.07.11, 9:37pm
Amy - These are incrediable  08.07.11, 9:11pm