jenn - What a precious baby bunny!  05.02.11, 2:20pm
denise - OMGGGGGGGGGGeeeeeeee SO adorable! I LOVE this shoot!  04.28.11, 2:48pm
Marion - Isn't life so precious when you see these photos....thank you for being able to remind us of that through these wonderful photos.  04.27.11, 10:01am
Kim - That is some serious cuteness! LOVE!  04.26.11, 5:19pm
stacy - thanks for spending the holiday with us! and thanks for these gorgeous photos! she is the perfect present from the easter bunny!  04.26.11, 1:20pm
Ann - What a sweetie. Love these photos. She looks so cute!  04.26.11, 10:35am
Erica - oh my cuteness...melt!  04.26.11, 8:32am