Ron - I love the phot0s. Pretty darn cool. They (Charles and Lindsey) look great.  01.24.11, 10:51am
geoff conklin - Andrea, they are from Priscilla of Boston.  01.09.11, 11:13am
andrea - Beautiful photos! I love the gold bridesmaid dresses, can you tell me where they are from? Thanks so much!  01.09.11, 2:13am
nicole - I can't stop looking at this wedding - what a beautiful job! Such tender moments for the bride and groom to treasure forever!  01.03.11, 9:30am
Tina - GORGEOUS wedding - too funny, I went to high school with Lindsay! Beautiful work Alison:)  01.02.11, 7:52pm
Alicia - What a gorgeous couple! I love everything about this wedding: her dress and shoes, the Moravian Book Shop and Glee! Got teary eyed at the pics of the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time. What awesome pics!  01.01.11, 2:32pm
Becca - What an amazing wedding! The couple is so beautiful and the pictures with the bride and her dad are so sweet. Another amazing job, Alison!  12.30.10, 2:55pm
Daniel Moyer - Uhh Alison! I love this wedding! Especially the 4th image before the image of the rings! Beautiful couple too!  12.30.10, 12:30pm
Rosemary - What a beautiful couple!!! Looks like a great time. So glad i got to see the slide show!! Amazing photographer. Congratulations!  12.30.10, 8:56am
Maureen - Beautiful! I love the bridesmaid you know the designer?  12.29.10, 8:10pm
jenn - I really don't have words for how amazing I think these are. What a gorgeous couple and the pictures couldn't be more perfect. WOW!  12.29.10, 7:57pm
Allison - WOW...Could someone please pass me a tissue? Beautiful bride..and I love the girls dresses. FANTASTIC....  12.28.10, 1:42pm
Laura - Love this wedding! What a beautiful couple. Her dress is amazing!  12.28.10, 1:05pm
Gloria Spriggs - Everything about this wedding was just beautiful. Two beautiful families coming together for a beautiful future ahead. Aunt Glo  12.28.10, 9:33am
Kirsten - My goodness, what a stunning couple and a gorgeous wedding!  12.28.10, 6:19am
Ciara Richardson - Ooo I loved everything about this wedding! Beautiful couple an BEAUTIFUL photos!  12.27.10, 11:20pm
Ann - What a beautiful couple. I love the emotion and love captured it's whimsical candid and tear evoking.  12.27.10, 9:59pm
jessica - this wedding is simply stunning ~ filled with so much emotion. beautiful work, alison!  12.27.10, 9:39pm
danielle lyons - loved their bridesmaid dresses :) everything was soo pretty!  12.27.10, 6:14pm
Shannon Gillespie - What a beautiful wedding! You can tell they are blissfully happy and you've captured that so well. Fantastic work. xx  12.27.10, 3:54am
Rebecca Druckenmiller - Alison: Beautiful work! I can't wait to see the rest! I went to high school with Lindsay's sister! What a beautiful wedding!  12.26.10, 11:43am
Allison - Beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest! Alison....magical as always.  12.26.10, 9:07am
stacy - gorgeous photos. looked like it was such a sweet wedding!  12.26.10, 6:29am