Mandi - These are simply amazing!!!  12.23.10, 4:32pm
beccal - Perfect, as always, Alison. These images are so telling. Can't wait for the rest.....  12.23.10, 3:57pm
jessica - oh alison, i love this series! only you can capture emotion like this :) and i just love a winter wedding. her look is fantastic! can't WAIT to see the rest.  12.23.10, 2:59pm
Allison - I can't freakin' stand it! You get me every time! I LOVE THIS!!!  12.22.10, 10:27pm
stacy - you have truly captured the love of this couple! what great photos!  12.22.10, 7:34pm
jenn - These definitely brought the tears! How beautiful! What a special memory they will have forever.  12.22.10, 2:25pm
amy - Love these SO much....they are precious and a memory you captured forever for them...what a gift!  12.22.10, 1:08pm
jeanette - So beautiful & inspiring ~ brought tears to my eyes  12.22.10, 10:48am
brooke @ claremont road - Aaaaand cue the tears! How sweet are they?...the expression on his face is priceless. What a beautiful couple, and you captured them so wonderfully, Alison.  12.22.10, 10:25am
Sarah B - There is so much love between these is inspiring! Amazing job capturing it Alison...  12.22.10, 9:39am