Charles G Lee Sr - Beautiful moments for beautiful people!!! Congrats  12.22.10, 11:18am
Mary - Such a beautiful shot of a truly beautiful couple  12.21.10, 3:20pm
Jen - STUNNING!! Can't wait to see the rest! xo  12.21.10, 11:14am
Alyson - I can't wait either!!! This picture is stunning. The whole day was amazing ;)  12.21.10, 9:07am
Allison - ooohh!! Can't Wait!!  12.20.10, 12:14pm
Meghan - Absolutely beautiful!! This picture would warm anyones heart!!  12.20.10, 8:58am
jenn - what a tease....I can't wait to see the rest!! This is GORGEOUS!  12.19.10, 10:38pm
stacy - ohhhh...sounds amazing! what a sweet photo; can't wait to see more!  12.19.10, 5:55pm
jessica - alison, this shot is amazing. i absolutely love the candles and the couple looks so happy and content. can't wait to see the rest! winter weddings are the best :)  12.19.10, 10:25am