Ericha - This shoot looks like SO MUCH FUN! Love the images!!! Just beautiful!  02.09.11, 4:53pm
LoveLeighs - STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!! we love everything. great job to all of you!!!!!!  12.13.10, 11:44pm
kristin - so pretty! Do you know where she got the short dress? love it!  12.13.10, 9:00am
Lisa - Enchanting!!!!!!!!!  12.13.10, 8:12am
Jenn - Simply outstanding. Love the girly sparkly pink vibe. Beautiful photos. Beautiful styling and location!  12.12.10, 6:39pm
Eliza - What a talented group of woman. These photos are stunning and beautiful. I love all of the yummy desserts and sweet details. Amazing work by all.  12.12.10, 6:09pm
jessica - these are a sparkly delight! i love all of the details :) amazing work!  12.12.10, 4:40pm
Aunt Debbie - WOW! All photos are amazing, especially the pink tinsel tree with the table cards! Nice work TEAM!  12.12.10, 3:35pm
Allison - holy glitter! LOVE!! fantastic!!  12.12.10, 11:46am
jenn - I don't even know where to start , or if there are words to cover I'll just go with WOW. You are all amazing!! What a great team!  12.12.10, 10:39am
nicole - I would expect nothing less from the AMAZING team that worked on this shoot. Thanks for including Two Paperdolls, we were thrilled to be a part of such a great and FUN project!  12.11.10, 10:31am
laura - sigh.. a cute dog in pink tutus, pink tinsel trees, penguin cake toppers, and the most amazing sparkly dress ever.. : )  12.11.10, 7:19am
ac - This shoot was amazing. I was spellbound!  12.10.10, 10:45pm
Meghan - Absolutely fabulous Alison!! You have a gift! What an adorable boston terrier!! LOVE IT!  12.10.10, 10:36pm
stacy - so dreamy and girly! LOVE IT!  12.10.10, 8:51pm
Ann - Dream team if I have ever seen one. I want to live in this shoot. Such amazing design eye candy! And that tutu on the dog!? So cute! L O V E  12.10.10, 8:38pm