nicole - i love small weddings - and this one is no exception - kudos to beautiful blooms for the flowers - i love all of the details - right down to the sparkly shoes and the phillies tie  11.03.10, 10:04am
Rebecca Druckenmiller, Queen of Hearts - Gorgeous work Alison! It was such a pleasure to work with you!  11.01.10, 9:31pm
Barb - These are stunning - they made me weep all over again! ( of course the gorgeous couple worked in your favor I must add). I can't wait to see more!  10.30.10, 10:57pm
jenn - it's hard for me to comment on anything other then the amazing shoes!!! but, everything looked amazing! Love the floral arrangements, and the gorgeous table!  10.28.10, 9:18pm
jessica - what a stunning wedding! the floral design is just incredible :)  10.28.10, 8:17pm
Katie Gibbs - Jessie, Congratulations on your wedding! What a beautiful wedding! You look stunning! XOXO  10.28.10, 4:01pm
Sarah Kenneck - I can't wait to see more, these are fab!  10.28.10, 1:47pm
stacy - stunning! i love it. how romantic! great job alison!  10.28.10, 1:46pm
Maya Shumar, Beautiful Blooms - Alison, great shots! I just love how you captured the warm intimate feel of this wedding! We had a great time working on this wedding with you.  10.28.10, 9:52am
Mark Kingsdorf, MBC - The Queen of Hearts - Alison, I LOVE your work, so glad you had a great time working with Karen and Rebecca  10.28.10, 9:16am
Ann - I want to be at this wedding. I love everything about it. And can we talk about the shoes!!! What a beautiful couple. Love it all!!  10.28.10, 12:11am
Jamie - Wow! That is really all I can say about this one! Incredible!  10.27.10, 11:43pm