Linda & Doug Yeoman - Absolutley beatiful wedding, setting and photography. Wow!  09.09.10, 2:29am
Jesse Kaplan - What beautiful pictures you take. They are all stunning photographs.  09.01.10, 1:40am
kristen & john - great pics, alison & geoff! looks like a lovely day in wine country! 5 STARS!  08.30.10, 1:32am
Sarah Neal - One day when you have to travel West and Geoff doesn't feel like traipsing along for those long agonizing days in wine country (haha) - call me! I would love to shadow you. This wedding is gorgeous.  08.29.10, 7:27pm
jenn - Wow, these are stunning! Can't wait to see the wedding! Hope you are having a blast!  08.29.10, 2:27pm
Nicole - l.o.v.e. if this is the rehearsal... i can't WAIT to see the wedding!!!  08.28.10, 9:15pm
stacy - stunning. gorgeous and really shows their feelings toward one another. cannot wait to see the wedding!  08.28.10, 5:23pm
Erica - WOW - what a gorgeous location! have so much fun  08.28.10, 1:53pm