Aunt Lisa - The whole weekend was perfect from start to finish every last detail the pics are beautiful and say it all so in love!  09.03.10, 5:06pm
crystal - the slideshow is A-MAZ-ING!!!  09.01.10, 10:09pm
mary - beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! love every pic.  08.28.10, 1:57pm
Lauren - We LOVE them!! They are gorgeous!! Thank you again so much! Can't wait for the slideshow!  08.25.10, 1:24pm
nicole - what a beautiful bride... that dress WAS made for her!  08.25.10, 12:32pm
jenn - GORGEOUS!!! Love how the bows from her dress were carried throughout some of the details. And, just so we're clear, if Vera Wang herself ever made a comment to me about my wedding dress (or, anything I was wearing. or just ever made a comment to me at all.) I would die. Awesome.  08.24.10, 9:36pm
Jeff - Just pure magic Alison. WOW!  08.24.10, 8:52pm