jeannie - absolutely beautiful!  11.12.13, 4:40pm
E. Gilbert Photography - beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. what an amazing wedding!  07.27.10, 9:03am
Steph - Love the setting! ...and what a gorgeous couple. I fell in love with the photos from the first shoot...  07.26.10, 7:32am
Briony - what an adorable couple. you did a wonderful job capturing their special day.  07.06.10, 10:26am
Allison - I gotta comment authentic, comfortable and IN LOVE. And after all...isn't that what's it's all about?  07.03.10, 11:45pm
Daniel - wow alison. just wow...this is super awesome!  07.01.10, 9:14pm
Sarah Neal Photography - WOWZA!!!!  06.30.10, 4:52pm
nicole - holy amazingness batman! makes me want to get married all over again!  06.30.10, 10:11am
allison - BRAVO Alison - You did it again...the bride looked beautiful.  06.29.10, 11:44pm
jenn - I loved everything about these....especially the strawberry shortcake (my fave!). What a unique and fun wedding. You can see the love these 2 have for eachother. What a charming wedding!  06.29.10, 6:57am
Amber - We have a country wedding out on a farm in a couple weeks and you just gave me so much inspiration! I can see that their wedding was a total blast!  06.28.10, 9:48pm
laura - box of tissues, please! what love & brilliant shots (rings on the pitchfork, bouquet from the barn, shortcake and.. well everything!) easy-livin weddings are so wonderfully beautiful  06.28.10, 10:29am
Josh - alison, your pictures are as good as the memories themselves. you are a blessing.  06.28.10, 10:00am
Jen M. - So beautifully unique!! Love the details, love the vibe...absolutely perfect!  06.28.10, 9:41am
Stacy - OMG this is my all time favorite!  06.28.10, 9:39am
jessica - what a beautiful wedding! i love all of their details. your shots perfectly captured everything :)  06.28.10, 9:39am
Denise - Perfection...just as I suspected!  06.28.10, 9:32am
Abby and Josh - Wow Alison, thank you so much! I love re-living that day, thank you for making that possible. You are such a blessing to us and we could not be happier!  06.28.10, 9:10am
kristy - Love, love, LOVE IT! This couple, their wedding, all of it= perfection. :)  06.28.10, 9:01am