Becca - My favorites hands down. I love the crispness and natural feeling of the pictures. It looks like it was a really special wedding - and what an adorable couple.  06.29.10, 11:34am
jenn - LOVE. The b&w is adorable.  06.29.10, 6:57am
nicole - STUNNING!  06.28.10, 7:56am
maria felton - absolutely love these and adore this couple.  06.27.10, 7:52pm
Andrea - Love them! So crisp and sweet. Great summer colors Abby. I couldn't wish for anything better for myself. So HAPPY for you.  06.27.10, 6:04pm
Michelle Reilly - I had such a good time and everything was beautiful! Congrats Abby and Josh!  06.27.10, 2:29pm
Abby Ogden - Adorable in every way! I can't wait to see the rest!  06.27.10, 11:41am
Steph - Aw... yeah!! I love this couple! Gorgeous pics! :)  06.27.10, 10:55am
jessica - this looks like the perfect summer wedding. everything is amazing! and that plaid bunting warms my heart :) can't wait to see the rest! they look so happy :)  06.27.10, 9:25am
Gwendolyn Little - stunning! i'm so so excited to see the rest...  06.27.10, 9:12am
Allison - This looks amazing... I can't wait to see the rest!  06.27.10, 8:58am
Denise - Looooooooooove! So magical! I'm getting teary again looking at the photos. And I'm so glad that I got to talk to you in between shots! I can't wait to see more pics! Love you!!!! You (& Geoff) are THE best!  06.27.10, 8:45am
Erica - So beautiful Alison! I love that the wedding is SO uniquely them. They look very happy. Hope you are doing well and that your summer isn't too crazy busy (although I'm sure it is ;))  06.27.10, 6:44am
Abby and Josh - Aw Alison these are so amazing, I am so thrilled you were there! Thank you for your awesome calm presence and brilliant ideas. I can't wait to see more! Hope you had a great time. :) We love you, J+A  06.27.10, 6:25am
evan scott - thanks again SO much for sharing your glass today! it was an incredible eye opening experience. these shots look incredible.  06.26.10, 11:31pm