Jen Brown - as someone who was unable to make it to the wedding, i'm thankful to see these photos because it gave me a chance to see what i missed! i've known joel since grade school, and to see the way he's looking at the beautiful adina,'s amazing. great photos, alison, and best wishes to the happy bride and groom!  07.08.10, 1:04pm
Adina & Joel - Alison -- We literally just got back from our wonderful honeymoon and couldn't wait until morning to view the slideshow (damn IPad; no flash)!! As always, you are amazing. Thank you so much for being a part of and capturing our day. The photos are gorgeous!!!!!  07.02.10, 12:21am
Jocelyn White Ingram - Love love love the photos! Outstanding job. Gorgeous wedding. Fabulous bride & groom! Love you both, can't wait to see you again soon.  06.28.10, 8:40pm
Joanne White - Adina, you were an absolutely stunning bride and you both consistently have the most magnificent smiles....true happiness is shown in each photo. The picture of you with your head on Joel's lapel with just an eye into the camera is award winning! Wonderful slideshow, wonderful wedding. Aunt Joanne xo  06.27.10, 8:57pm
jenn - Ohhh, I just LOVE the 1st three pics! He really couldn't keep his eyes off of her! So beautiful!  06.25.10, 10:08pm
Nadine - Alison - the photos are just wonderful - love the B&W. It was great meeting you at the wedding.  06.24.10, 8:21am
Monica - Alison and Geoff, who both are truely amazing at capturing the moment!!!!! Wishing adina and joel a life full of love, and are a breathtaking couple!!!!!! xoxo  06.23.10, 6:56pm
Ann - Love the barn photos. Beautiful couple! Amazing photos!!  06.23.10, 5:45pm
Kate Luffy - Breathtaking! I couldn't wait to see the pictures and they were even better than I could imagine!  06.23.10, 1:23pm
Jess Eiben - Absolutely Gorgeous!!! You both looked amazing. Alison, you did an amazing job capturing the day!  06.23.10, 1:01pm