Heidi S. - OMG. Are they ever cute boys.  06.03.10, 1:35pm
Marion - LOVE THESE PHOTOS!!!!!! I haven't checked e-mail in awhile and was overjoyed when I saw the photos. Rhiannon told me today that she wants to grow very old with Moses!!! She will scream when she sees these pics of him (and Jonas). Love the kicks....totally RAD man!!:0)  05.12.10, 10:44pm
Meghan - Your boys are definitely ready for middle school :-)  05.04.10, 4:49pm
Marcee - Seriously, these are the cutest EVER. EVER. I mean it. And where do you get their clothes? Please save them for when Aidan gets older.  05.03.10, 3:24pm
kathleen amelia - Your boys are the cutest! Seriously! Most handsome boys I have ever seen.  04.30.10, 1:42pm
Raquel - These are great! I love the orange shirts! Your boys are so handsome and so comfortable in front of your camera! I guess they should be by now, huh :)  04.30.10, 9:10am
maria felton - OHMYGOODNESS. seriously, you have to stop. these boys are ridiculously cute!!!  04.29.10, 3:14pm
Kim - Gotta respect the dancing space! :) Heartbreakers!  04.29.10, 2:42pm
Lisa - You and your hubs have some cute boys! LOVE the photos.  04.29.10, 1:38pm
laura - Beautiful!!! Love those outtakes : )  04.29.10, 8:42am
Kristy - They are TOO CUTE! And they seem like such funny boys. Great pics! :)  04.29.10, 8:24am
Jeff - I remember when you were pushing them in a twin stroller and now they are two boys becoming little men. where does the time go? Allison. . .thanks for sharing these.  04.28.10, 10:42pm
Maggie - Your boys are TOO CUTE! And I absolutely love the colors you chose for them - you do have a way with color in your shots!  04.28.10, 8:47pm
Jen - THIS IS TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love it!!! Can't wait to see you in 2 months, and definitely can't believe it'll be a year since our little guy arrived :).  04.28.10, 6:29pm
Jean - OMG. These are amazing. I have never met ur boys but watching them grow on your blog makes me feel like I do. Awesome stuff and those clothes are perfection.  04.28.10, 6:19pm
Jen A. - They are sooo adorable and sooo stylish. I love the sneakers! They are going to be little heartbreakers!  04.28.10, 6:14pm
Carolin - ADORABLE!!!!! I already miss them!  04.28.10, 5:40pm
jessica - these are absolutely fantastic! love the colors and their poses :)  04.28.10, 4:56pm
stacy - O.M.G. are these the most adorable photos you've ever taken of these two! They are getting SO big! Such handsome little men! LOVE IT!  04.28.10, 4:41pm
anne - these are the best!!! those clothes are perfect!! and what handsome men!  04.28.10, 4:23pm
jenn - I just think they are the most handsome boys ever. (Don't tell my boys, I tell them the same things). They are too cute for words. They are seriously growing up too fast though. Make it stop.  04.28.10, 4:20pm
Jill - They are way too cute!!  04.28.10, 4:11pm
Alyssa Andrew Photography - your boys are always so stylish (I am sure because of their mommy), precious photographs; love the vibrancy in them.  04.28.10, 3:59pm
nicole - if you ever need a babysitter.... LOVE THE ORANGE & GREEN!!!  04.28.10, 3:57pm
Denise - TOO cute for words!!!!!! They are super stylish! OMG.  04.28.10, 3:51pm