mary ann gardner - Megan and Chris, thanks for sending the link. Absolutely beautiful pictures. You both are photogenic but very happy! Congrats!  08.19.10, 7:30pm
Denise - What a creative shoot! I love it!!!!!! :)  04.28.10, 3:58pm
abby Ogden - I Love the cookie pictures!!!!! How unique!  04.24.10, 8:20pm
Jen A - Very cute!!! I really love these pictures they are so sweet!  04.23.10, 7:07am
Meghan - Thank you for all the wonderful comments! They bring tears to my eyes!! :-)  04.22.10, 8:30pm
Jen K. - Meghan- I wish you and Christopher all the joy in the world. Words can not describe how happy I am for you!  04.22.10, 8:02pm
jenna - such a cute idea!! :)  04.22.10, 2:59pm
Kim - These might be my favorite. . . . as in ever. From cherry blossoms to baking cookies, c'mon- it just doesn't get any sweeter! Love them!  04.21.10, 10:15pm
Kristy - What a creative photo shoot and an adorable couple! LOVE THIS!  04.21.10, 7:45pm
jen - beautiful pictures meghan and chris - you two are so photogenic! i love how sweet and personal all the shots are and the baking ones are simply adorable :)  04.21.10, 3:36pm
jenn - STOP IT. I LOVE these!!! Oh my, these pictures could not get any sweeter or cuter. What an adorable couple!  04.21.10, 11:24am
Suzanne - Meghan: I have never seen such a charming way to begin a life together - so poignant, sweet, and charming...It is a privilege to see them - thank you!!  04.21.10, 8:46am
cyndi - love them, the cookie shots are great and very natural. can't wait to see all of of luck:)  04.21.10, 8:40am
Lacey - Great photographs! I love them and they really capture Chris and Meghan's personalities!  04.21.10, 8:36am
stacy - these are incredibly cute. i LOVE the cookie shots! how fun! awesome job alison!  04.21.10, 6:40am
Aimee Greeblemonkey - holy gamoly. Came over from the Light Stalking post and YOU ROCK girl.  04.20.10, 10:19pm
jessica - oh my goodness, i love these!!! the baking shots are amazing!  04.20.10, 10:15pm
Jessica - these are fabulous! can't wait to see the rest of them!  04.20.10, 9:04pm
Geoff - I like cookies...  04.20.10, 7:51pm