Jen A - I love her shoes and that couch!!! Very awesome wedding... That mac n cheese looks amazing!!!  04.23.10, 7:09am
Rachael & Samantha - Samantha and I were captivated by the slide show! Truely beautiful! Congratulations!  04.23.10, 6:44am
jenna - Looks like an awesome wedding! Love the flower arrangements and the little girl in the purple dress!...and was that mac n cheese I saw??? YUM! :)  04.22.10, 3:05pm
laura - like a fairytale.. stunning and sweet : )  04.20.10, 2:53pm
Cindy - Alison~ Your slideshow made me cry all over again:) The way you captured every emotion with your lens is priceless. AWESOME  04.19.10, 8:25am
jessica - the light in these pictures is absolutely amazing, alison! i especially love the picture of her putting on her shoes. what a lovely, intimate wedding.  04.18.10, 10:23pm
Anne - These are incrediable. Your lighting is beautiful. Such stories behind all of these images. Love the style of the b&g. Great couch. Also that shoot with tem on te logs is amazing! Alison your awesome.  04.18.10, 9:10pm
jenn - These are so romantic and woodsy and perfect! I love love love them! Gorgeous bride! Amazing couch!  04.18.10, 8:58pm
Jeff - Alison, your are so right! That is the coolest couch ever! This is by far one of my favorite sequences this year, if not ever. Intimate perfection! WOW.  04.18.10, 8:32pm
stacy - awesome photos and awesome wedding! LOVE the outdoor look! you captured all their sweetness perfectly!  04.18.10, 11:37am