marie - i LOVE this shoot. the baby is so adorable, just perfect. i wish the parent so much fun! Alsion you did a great job, those pictures are perfect!  04.05.10, 7:17am
jenn - Oh, I love these!! Reminds me of N&L newborn pics. So sweet!  04.01.10, 10:48pm
Jen - I love these pictures! She is adorable!  03.30.10, 7:39am
jessica - I just love the ones of the whole family on the bed. What lovely images for them to treasure forever!  03.28.10, 1:53pm
Denise - So precious! Looooooove this shoot! You have such a way with photographing babies and kids - so beautiful. And looking at these photographs gets me even more excited for when my little one gets here!  03.28.10, 12:32pm
jen - these are perfect. i love how sweet they are. alison, you have such a perfect way of capturing every day moments. because in the end it is the lots of little things that you remember. beautiful family!  03.27.10, 12:19pm
Erin - WOW- I stare at that little face every day and she has such a sweet expressive personality. You captured it perfect;y and beautifully! Love the photos- again you are awesome!  03.27.10, 12:02pm
Anne - These are so sweet. Emma has such beautiful blue eyes! What wonderful photos - wish I had photos like these when my kids were babies!! Oh and that Key West wedding was one of my favorites!  03.27.10, 11:28am