Trish - I LOVE THESE!!!! Great family pics! You guys are adorable. Ethan has such gorgeous eyes and Stacy you look beautiful!  03.03.10, 6:46am
jenna - So fun! :) Love the truck and the plaid! Stacy, you have a beautiful family! Happy belated!!  03.02.10, 8:39pm
nicole - LOVE THESE!!!!!  03.01.10, 3:38pm
Carissa - Love the country theme - everyone looks like they are having a blast! Beautiful as always.  03.01.10, 11:58am
jenn - I am totally in love with these! I LOVE her headband! Stacy, you look gorgeous and your family couldn't be any cuter! Happy Birthday!!  03.01.10, 10:37am
jessica - what a beautiful family! i love her headband :)  02.28.10, 8:52pm
Tina - These are awesome! I love the truck for this session - what an adorable family!  02.28.10, 7:53pm
stacy - OMG thank you SOOOOOOOO much Alison! these are SOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful! i can't thank you enough for your friendship and making memories we can cherish forever. i can't pick a favorite because they are all SOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome!  02.28.10, 7:17pm