Jen - This picture just makes me smile :)  03.01.10, 7:36am
Deann B. - Omigosh... so adorable!  02.28.10, 9:20pm
laura - seriously.. is your work being seen by the likes of vogue bambini?! and so so beautiful seeing these adorable children growing up on your blog : )  02.27.10, 11:21pm
stacy - thank you so much for taking this picture!!! i can't thank you enough for you friendship and sharing your wonderful talent!  02.27.10, 7:48pm
nicole - I love his smile! What a great personality.  02.27.10, 5:08am
jenn - This is SO cute! I just want to kiss his happy, chubby little cheeks!  02.26.10, 11:18am